I am currently a script reader for the Arcola Theatre in London.

My previous experience in the theatre, both in dramaturgy and beyond, includes the following.

Stage Manager  |  Wolf/Alice (Yale Cabaret, April 2018)                                          

Assistant Dramaturg  |  Pentecost (Yale School of Drama, Oct. 2017)                              

Marketing Director  |  Amadeus (Yale Theater Studies Department, Dec. 2016)

Dramaturg  |  4.48 Psychosis (Yale Drama Coalition, April 2016)

Producer  |  Constellations (Yale Drama Coalition, April 2016)                                                          

Props Master  |  The Trouble with Summer People (Yale Dramatic Association, April 2015)             

Assistant Producer  |  The Rocky Horror Show (Yale Dramatic Association, Nov. 2014)

Assistant Director  |  ‘Art’ (Yale Drama Coalition, Nov. 2014)

Assistant Marketing Director | Yale Dramatic Association (Jan. 2015 – May 2015)

I have also worked as a graphic designer on over 20 productions. You can access my portfolio on this site.